Vapour Science

Strawberry Musk Mints

Lucky packet pink musk cachous with a strawberry twist and a light mint. A simple and fun flavour that will transport you back to your childhood.

Sunkissed Mandarin

Super fresh juicy mandarin with notes of peach and cranberry.

Deluxe Cookie

The cookie to rule them all. A coconut cookie boosted into decadance with creams and caramels.

Raspberry Apple

Smooth crisp apple juice infused with raspberries.

Lemony Creams

Buttery vanilla biscuits with a soft tangy lemon curd filling.

Blackberry Cream

A ripe blackberry smoothie that is heavy on the cream.

Cool Spearmint

Refreshing soft mintyness.

Caffe Americano

Strong dark coffee with a deep and complex profile.

Hot Sticky Buns

Oven baked cinnamon buns generously smothered with rich caramel sauce and icing.